LS-SR 1750



  • Load capacity: 1000 Kg
  • Length: 1185 mm
  • Width: 720 mm
  • Weight: 175 Kg
  • Motor power: 370W / 1 Hp
  • TRACTION: – Powered drive is via a Low-Noise AC Motor with thermal protection. The PM motor has an effective brake when the control is released or when power fails for any reason

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The SR 1750 HE is designed to handle loads up to 1000 kg, safely and effectively over stairs. The features include a tail lift, manoeuvre dolly and turntable, used to load the product and transport to and from stairs. The SR 1750 is equipped with a hydraulically adjustable platform that allows loads to be moved horizontally on the stairs

Model: LS-SR 1750 Stair Climbing Trolley

  • White goods, electric and gas appliances
  • Copiers, computers, air conditioners
  • Safes, fireproof cabinets
  • Drink vending machines, vending and entertainment cabinets
  • Data cabinets and communication equipment
  • Pallets, boxes and crates
  • Cabinets, furniture
  • Pianos ETC

The lifter Lift Safe supplied is excellent, both operators of the laying machine have said its works perfectly and saves a lot of heavy lifting sometimes with 2 people, as you will see from the photos the roll needs to be lifted to almost head height so previously it was a struggle, however with your lifter the job is much easier and safer now.

Mike Greer. Manager. AMR Textiles