Mobile Lifting Equipment

At Lift Safe, our specialisation lies in a comprehensive range of portable lifting devices designed to alleviate the challenges of manual handling in various workplace environments. We are unwavering in our commitment to meeting diverse client needs, offering an extensive selection that caters to various dimensions, heights, and lengths tailored precisely to your requirements. Our mobile lifting equipment primarily comes in two materials: standard powder-coated steel and aluminium, with the option for stainless steel construction upon request.

Our product range encompasses a variety of specialised mobile lifting equipment, including mobile liftersstainless steel liftersATEX rated equipment for hazardous environments, man-up lifters for tasks requiring elevated access, goods lifts to facilitate smooth material transportation, and stair climbers for navigating challenging terrain. Furthermore, we provide roll handling lifts, small goods lifts, mezzanine goods lifts, and drum lifters, each meticulously engineered to address specific material handling demands.

Portable Lifting Devices

At Lift Safe, our unwavering dedication to offering holistic solutions for secure and efficient material handling extends to a comprehensive range of portable mobile lifting equipment. Our primary goal is to minimise manual handling in the workplace, reduce risks, and ensure that your specific needs are met. To achieve this, we offer a diverse selection of portable lifting devices suited to a wide range of applications.

Our portable lifting equipment is available in various dimensions, heights, and lengths to precisely match your unique needs. We provide these mobile lifters in standard powder-coated steel and aluminium options, guaranteeing durability and robustness. Furthermore, for industries with stringent hygiene and corrosion-resistant requirements, we offer stainless steel alternatives upon request, showcasing our commitment to tailored solutions.

Our product lineup encompasses an array of specialised mobile lifters, including man-up lifters designed for elevated access tasks, roll handling lifts for efficient roll handling, small goods lifts for versatile material transportation, mezzanine goods lifts for optimising vertical space, drum lifters for safe drum handling, and stair climbers for navigating challenging terrains.

What sets Lift Safe apart is our dedication to customising our lifting equipment to perfectly align with your unique business needs. We recognise that one-size-fits-all solutions don’t suffice in material handling. Therefore, we offer customisation options that allow us to manufacture lifting equipment that precisely matches your operations and any heavy lifting requirements.

When you choose Lift Safe, you’re not merely acquiring lifting equipment; you’re establishing a partnership with a team committed to optimising your material handling processes. We encourage you to explore our range of portable lifting solutions and witness the transformative impact that tailor-made equipment can have on enhancing efficiency, safety, and productivity in your workplace.

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