Battery and Server Handling

Lifting equipment designed to support efficient, safe and ergonomic hadling of servers.

Server and battery lifters are designed specifically for unusual applications. They can improve productivity and protect the hardware being moved within the data centre environment.

Lift Safe lifters and stackers are available in powder-coated and stainless steel finishes and we also offer IP rated & ATEX compliant solutions.

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Telescopic Mast

While traveling through a data centre, passing through low doorways is common. Our telescoping mast allows you to travel through any doorway and still reach the highest desired position in any server rack.

Platform Heights

While reaching the top rack is important, aligning a load with the lowest rack is just as vital. With the variety of specifically adapted platforms, placing the load exactly where it is needed is a breeze.

Overload Protection

Never run the risk of injuries or damaged goods due to overloading the lifting trolley. Over load protection prevents the trolley from lifting more than the equipment will allow.

Swivel Wheels

Swivel wheels are easy to steer while operating with an extremely narrow turn radius.
This proves beneficial in tight spaces and while quickly placing the trolley in a working position.

Step Less Control

The step less control allows you to control the load at any required speed. This provides a perfect combination of the need for speed and the fine tuning required to position the load properly.

Castor Options

Depending on the floor design of each data centre and various thresholds encountered, best performance is guaranteed with a choice between various options of castor wheels.

Platform Options

Server rack types and mounting procedures will all play a role in choosing the correct lifting platform. Our team offers several options to accommodate specific needs.

Mast & Base Options

Thresholds, doorways and so much more all play vital parts in how each trolley is designed. No matter the specifics of the location, our team is confident we will design the best solution.

Our wide range of electric lifters are perfect for all battery handling applications. They are available with a wide range of manual and powered attachments. We also manufacture bespoke attachments for lifting and the manipulation of all server types.

Lift Safe’s range of manual, semi-electric, and electric stackers is the key tool to lift and store goods within limited space for manoeuvring. The varied options on these stackers make them the ideal tools for a wide variety of battery lifting applications.