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    • Capacity: Max capacity step by step 175 Kg
    • Weight without batteries: 29kg
    • Speed Position 1: 5.4m/per minute
    • Speed Position 2: 9.0m/per minute
    • Charging time: +/- 4 hours
    • Measurements: W x D x H 240 x 400 x 1445 mm
    • Wheels: Puncture proof Ø260-85
    • Platform: W x D 390mm × 290mm
    • Winch Platform Height: 850mm
    • Battery Charger: 12v sealed included

    The SR175 stair climber is a battery-powered stair climbing machine designed for day-to-day distribution. This compact and lightweight SR175 stair climber is suitable for the delivery of goods up to 175 kg. Unlike conventional stair climbers the SR175 with its caterpillar drive unit, a load can be easily loaded or unloaded into a van.

    LS SR175 Stair Climber Trolley:

    Step by step or resting on several steps at the same time
    The SR Express is easy to operate by a single operator. The device has several user-friendly functions and options such as height-adjustable handles, quick exchange battery packs, remote control, adjustable lifting platform and, various wheel options.
    The SR Express reduces the safety risks and physical strain on operator during the transport of goods up flights of stairs


    • Washing machines
    • Refrigerators
    • Computers
    • Copiers
    • Crates
    • Closets ETC

    Safety Features:

    Due to the unique secondary winch toe plate on the stair climber, the load can be lifted to a balance point. This means when climbing the stairs, no strain, or special technique is required by the operator. If the operator lets go of the stair climber or slips, the stair climber will not lose the load. The SR175 also has two speeds, the slower speed for manoeuvring in tight spaces. Unlike other stair climbers, the caterpillar system can load or unload itself from a van without the aid of any manual lifting