Food, pharmaceutical and ATEX compliant lifting

Lift Safe has the UK’s widest range of Stainless Steel IP rated and ATEX compliant portable lifting equipment. Including standard lifters, stackers, and scissor tables.

We also manufacture bespoke solutions for unusual applications. Please contact Lift Safe for a no-obligation quote or to arrange a free on-site lifting analysis.


  • Capacities up to 12,000 Kg
  • Manual, semi-electric, and fully powered lifters and counterbalance lifting equipment
  • Lift Safe have a range of counterbalance lifters, stackers, and cranes
  • No obligation free onsite lifting analysis


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We offer a wide variety of manual and fully powered lifting equipment, as well as a full range of manual and powered lifting attachments to suit your application.

The majority of Lift Safe’s lifters, stackers, counterbalance cranes and scissor tables are available in zones 1, 2, 21, and 22 ATEX categories. We also offer a range of IP rated equipment.

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    What is ATEX compliance?

    ATEX stands for ” Atmospheres Explosibles” which is French for “Explosive Atmospheres.” ATEX compliance refers to products, such as lifting equipment, which are designed to operate in potentially explosive atmospheres without causing sparks or other sources of ignition.

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    Why is ATEX compliance important for lifting equipment?

    ATEX compliance is important for lifting equipment because explosive atmospheres can be present in a variety of industries, including chemical, pharmaceutical, and oil and gas. If lifting equipment is not designed to operate safely in these environments, it can create a serious safety hazard.

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    What are the key features of ATEX compliant lifting equipment?

    ATEX compliant lifting equipment is designed to prevent sparks and other sources of ignition from occurring. This can be achieved through a variety of means, such as using non-sparking materials, implementing grounding mechanisms, and minimising friction between moving parts.

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    What are the key features of food-grade and pharmaceutical lifting equipment?

    Food-grade and pharmaceutical lifting equipment is made from materials such as stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and easy to clean. These products are also designed to be easy to disassemble and reassemble, which makes them easier to clean and maintain. In addition, pharmaceutical grade lifting equipment is often designed to be used in cleanroom environments, which require a high degree of sterility.

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    How do I know if I need ATEX, food-grade, or pharmaceutical-grade lifting equipment?

    The need for ATEX compliant food-grade, or pharmaceutical-grade lifting equipment depends on the specific requirements of your industry and application. If you are unsure which type of lifting equipment you need, it is important to consult with a knowledgeable supplier like Lift Safe who can help you determine the appropriate product for your needs.


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The lifter Lift Safe supplied is excellent, both operators of the laying machine have said its works perfectly and saves a lot of heavy lifting sometimes with 2 people, as you will see from the photos the roll needs to be lifted to almost head height so previously it was a struggle, however with your lifter the job is much easier and safer now.

Mike Greer. Manager. AMR Textiles