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Specialist Material Handling Solutions

Mobile Lifters

Lift Safe’s mobile work positioners are battery operated lifters which are designed for reducing manual handling in the workplace. They are a modular system and can be built to suit your lifting requirements.

We offer a wide range of different mast heights, leg heights, widths and lengths. We have a wide range of standard attachments and can manufacture a variety of bespoke attachments to meet your requirements.

These electric mobile work positioners are ergonomically designed and very reliable.

Our mobile work positioners are perfect for all different types of applications such as; Reel Lifting, Roll Handling, Box Lifting, Drum Handling, Keg Moving and many more besides…

These lifting mechanisms offer a long battery life which will do 100 lifts with a full load from the lowest presentation height to the highest before the battery needs recharging. We also offer quick-change battery packs and heavy-duty battery packs if required.

These electric reel and roll lifters come standard in powder-coated steel and aluminium. Stainless steel units are also available. These electric lifters are ideal for moving boxes, cartons, archived documents, container moving, server handling, and IT module assembly. etc.

For food and pharmaceutical companies we can supply a wide range of attachments such as booms for reel handling, v-blocks with turntables for roll handling, roll manipulators with core expanders to turn reels from the horizontal to the vertical. We also offer squeeze and turn reel manipulators as well as bowl tippers for ingredient and tablet tipping applications.