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    Product Specification

    • Traction: Manual
    • Capacity: 1000kg
    • Length of Forks: 1170 mm
    • Width over Forks: 540 mm
    • Lowered Fork Height: 90 mm
    • Max. Lift Height: 800 mm

    High lift pallet trucks (also called High-Lifters or Scissor Lift Pallet Trucks) are designed to eliminate repetitive back strain when loading pallets by hand. Our electric high lift pallet truck uses scissor action to lift pallets to a working height of 800mm. All our scissor lift pallet trucks conform to the latest applicable health and safety regulations.

    • Automatically braked when raised above 400mm
    • Three-position control lever
    • Automatic descending speed control
    • Manual lift override in case of a flat battery