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    Fixed forks length 1000mm
    Forks extensions 180mm long
    Forks extensions housing
    Chromed hydraulic piston
    Tandem or single fork rollers
    Side wheels with extra-heavy castors
    Proof-seal bearings with pins with self-lubricating sintered bushings)
    Shock absorber on driving-wheel
    Optional folding footboard & side guards
    Control of forks side shift by distributor
    Mechanical control for forks widening and narrowing
    Electronic HIGH FREQUENCY battery charger 24V 20A with microprocessor
    Ignition key
    Protection fuse
    Emergency stop button
    Acoustic warning-button
    Low battery warning-indicator
    Electric end stroke
    Electromagnetic parking brake
    AC three-phase technology traction motors 24V maintenance-free
    Electronic plant 24V
    Controller with mosfet technology complete with inverter and microprocessor fault research
    Regenerative braking with consumption reduction and temperature control of the traction motor
    DR-EVO Steering with “turtle” function and anti-crash button
    Forks control by push-buttons

    Model: MAJESTIC COMPACT AC-evo 160 (*) (SWL 1600kg)
    Model: MAJESTIC AC-evo 200 (**) (SWL 2000kg)