What Is The Largest Amazon Warehouse In The UK?

Amazon is one of the world’s largest and most influential companies, having over 1.54 million employees recorded in 2023 alone. It’s rise to global e-commerce dominance has been fuelled by a commitment to delivering orders quickly and efficiently to customers. Offering a variety of products and having transformed the way people shop, staff work there 24/7 in their warehouses to get items to customers in good time.

To achieve this, the company has invested heavily in developing a robust network of fulfilment centres and warehouses. These facilities are strategically located across the world, enabling Amazon to store, process, and distribute its vast inventory of products. The UK is home to several of these centres, each playing a crucial role in ensuring that the company can meet the growing demands of its customers in the region. With more and more Amazon warehouses being built in the UK, here at Liftsafe we have created the “2023 UK Amazon Warehouse Report” which ranks the size of each UK based warehouse to find the flagship areas.

Top 5 Largest Amazon Warehouses in the UK (by Square Feet)

1.      Tilbury – 2,000,000 sq.ft

The Tilbury warehouse is the undeniable crown jewel of Amazon’s warehousing operations in the United Kingdom. Boasting a staggering 2,000,000 square feet of space, it stands as the largest facility in the entire country, outstripping its closest competitor by an impressive 500,000 square feet. This colossal size, coupled with its strategic location along the banks of the River Thames, positions Tilbury as an essential linchpin in Amazon’s logistical network. It plays a pivotal role in ensuring the swift and efficient delivery of countless Amazon packages to customers across the UK, contributing significantly to the e-commerce giant’s promise of timely and reliable service.

2.      Dunfermline – 1,500,000 sq.ft

Dunfermline secures its prominent status as the second-largest Amazon warehouse in the UK, encompassing a vast expanse of 1,500,000 square feet. Situated conveniently adjacent to the M90 and A92 motorways, it enjoys superb accessibility to major urban centres like Edinburgh, Stirling, and St Andrews. This strategic positioning, combined with seamless integration into Amazon’s extensive logistical framework, empowers Dunfermline to play a pivotal role in efficiently meeting the ever-growing demands of Amazon’s customer base.

3.      Doncaster + Coalville – 1,000,000 sq.ft

Doncaster occupies a prominent position within Amazon’s warehousing portfolio in the UK, with its expansive facility spanning an impressive 1,000,000 square feet. Amazon’s choice to establish three fulfilment centres in this region speaks to their unwavering confidence in the local workforce and their commitment to fostering positive relationships within the broader community. Doncaster’s efficiency and sheer scale render it an indispensable cornerstone in Amazon’s mission to consistently deliver exceptional service throughout the UK.

Similarly, the market town of Coalville, nestled in Leicestershire’s Charnwood area, assumes a significant role in Amazon’s UK operations with its own 1,000,000 square feet facility, akin to Doncaster’s. Amazon’s commitment to this site is underscored by its ambitious plan to create 600 new jobs over the next three years, further cementing the company’s dedication to stimulating economic growth and prosperity in the region.

4.      Swansea – 800,000 sq.ft

Swansea stands as the fourth largest Amazon fulfilment centre in the United Kingdom, underscoring the sheer magnitude of the company’s operations. With an expansive 800,000 square feet of space, this warehouse is equivalent in size to a staggering 14 football pitches. Having opened its doors in April 2008, it has the capacity to accommodate over 1000 employees, highlighting Amazon’s commitment to job creation and economic development in the region.

5.      Rugeley – 750,000 sq.ft

Rounding out the top 5 list of Amazon’s warehousing giants, the fulfilment centre in Rugeley stands as one of the UK’s largest warehouses, seamlessly blending into Staffordshire’s industrial landscape. With a sprawling 750,000 square feet of space, this facility is roughly equivalent to nine and a half football pitches, illustrating the immense scale of Amazon’s logistical infrastructure.

Top Amazon Warehouses Ranked by Size

Area Size of warehouse
Tilbury 2,000,000 square feet
Dunfermline 1,500,000 square feet
Doncaster 1,000,000 square feet
Coalville 1,000,000 square feet
Swansea 800,000 square feet
Rugeley 750,000 square feet
Stoke on Trent 700,000 square feet
Manchester 654,000 square feet
Plymouth 633,600 square feet
Mansfield 550,000 square feet
Bowburn 550,000 square feet
Milton Keynes 550,000 square feet
Swindon 547,000 square feet
Dartford 547,000 square feet
Sunderland 546,000 square feet
Gateshead 546,000 square feet
Redditch 534,000 square feet
Hinckley 532,000 square feet
Peterborough 500,000 square feet
Bristol 500,000 square feet
Peterborough 500,000 square feet
Chesterfield 500,000 square feet
Darlington 465,000 square feet
Durham 464,000 square feet
Coventry 460,800 square feet
Hemel Hempstead 450,000 square feet
Bolton 450,000 square feet
Haydock 360,000 square feet
Dunstable 310,000 square feet
Gourock 300,000 square feet
Rugby 270,000 square feet
Rochdale 215,278 square feet
Eastwood 201,475 square-foot
Daventry 172,800 square feet
Banbury 170,000 square feet
Glasgow 150,000 square feet
Droitwich 112,586 square feet
Exeter 100,000 square feet
Croydon 51,000 square feet


Through the Amazon Jobs website, we looked at all the major locations in the UK that Amazon advertise opportunities to work. We looked at the location of the job and then added that to my list.

For these locations, we searched on the internet for the size of each warehouse, where the Amazon website again shows these figures for their major fulfilment centre. (e.g. Swansea). Others have been listed through the internet. Not all locations had the size of the facility, so we left the ones with no figures off the list completely.

Information about the location is also from Amazon’s own website.

For the figure about the total employees at Amazon, it was sourced from their 2022 Annual Report.

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