Lift Safe’s new Vacuum-Operated PortaLift Speeds Up Safe Lifting

lifting equipment being used

With the introduction of its innovative PortaLift, materials handling equipment specialist Lift Safe has made lifting heavy or awkward loads quick, easy and risk-free.

The versatile PortaLift uses compressed air to generate a vacuum to grip the load while mechanically lifting and lowering it, swiftly turning most lifting tasks into a safe one-person operation. With an adjustable lift and lowering speed, the PortaLift ensures secure and professional operation.

Thanks to the PortaLift’s expert design, Lift Safe is able to supply both custom grippers to suit customers’ load handling operations up 85kg, and a range of standard high-capacity vacuum head grippers including square, rectangular, oval or round cup grippers. Heads can be speedily and simply interchanged in less than one minute with the minimum of fuss.

With an extremely quiet electric motor, the PortaLift is ready for use from the moment it is delivered, with no installation hassle. Peace of mind, efficiency and safety all come as standard.

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