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    Technical Specifications

    • Safe working load (SWL) 350kg
    • 500mm ram stroke offering a minimum of 370mm under-drum clearance
    • protects operator from danger zone;
    • complies with latest regulations;
    • simple one man operation;
    • manual-hydraulic lift pump;
    • fits all types and sizes of drums and barrels;
    • options to fit all pallets and bunds;
    • drum gripper constructed from stainless steel;
    • Unit complies with EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

    Counterbalance Drum Lifter

    Drum Lifters / Depalletiser
    Our most popular drum lifter model is the Side-Shift Drum Lifter (LSDTP04-Ex) as this is the most versatile unit. The other two options are our Corner Drum Lifter (LSDTP05-Ex) and our Counterbalance Drum Lifter (LSDTP08-Ex) which is particularly popular because it is narrow and useful for aisle work or placing drums onto scales.

    ATEX Certification:
    All ATEX units are suitable for use in a Zone 1 area and comply with the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU for equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres – CE Ex II 2 G D – Ex h IIB T4 Gb / Ex h IIIB T135°C Db.

    ATEX Zone 1 LSDTP04-Ex Side-Shift Drum Lifter
    The LSDTP04 is specially designed for moving drums and barrels from any position on a pallet. It uses a sliding side-shift arrangement allowing it to even remove containers placed in the centre of a pallet. The unit straddles the pallet and only requires access to one side, thus allowing pallets in confined areas to be kept against the wall even when unloading.

    When moving the drum onto another pallet, scales, or the floor, the drum can also be moved to either side using the side-shift arrangement.