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    The 300kg electric double scissor table is highly manoeuvrable & easy to use.

    • Battery electric powered operation
    • 12V maintenance-free battery
    • 700W dc power pack
    • Time to maximum height: 14 – 17 seconds
    • Overall length including pedal: 1230mm
    • Can be used safely at any height
    • Fitted with two total stop brakes as standard to prevent the table from moving when loading and unloading
    • Fitted with an overload valve
    • Hard wearing and non-marking polyurethane tyres prevent damage to floors
    • Swivel wheels fitted with thread guards
    • Epoxy powder coated finish for durability
    • Issued with a test certificate in conformance with EU standard EN 1570


    Technical Specifications:
    Capacity: 300kg
    Platform Size (L x W): 1010 x 520 mm
    Closed Height: 495 mm
    Raised Height: 1600 mm
    Handle Height: 1180 mm
    Wheels Diameter: 150 mm
    Approx. Weight: 183kg

    Optional Attachments

    These attachments are designed to make the scissor lift table loading and unloading operation easier.

    1. Ball Transfer Top
    2. Straight Roller Track
    3. Turntable Roller Track