Lift Safe Gives North West Ambulance Service Two Lifting Solutions

lifting equipment being used

Lift Safe, specialists in the supply of materials handling equipment and mobile work lifters, has solved two problems faced by the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS), the second largest ambulance service in the UK, with one type of lifter.

Ambulance personnel at NWAS’ service garages were at risk of back or musculo-skeletal injury by reaching inside vehicles to remove for recharging the heavy 45kg traction batteries, which supply power to ambulance equipment.

To increase functionality, efficiency and safety, Lift Safe supplied a total of ten Eco Lifts, with a lifting capacity of 90kg each, to four different NWAS service garages. The Service appreciated the lightweight, ergonomic and easy to manoeuvre lifters and the increased safety of its staff.

The second issue causing concern to the NWAS was how to safely and effectively lift ambulances to change their extremely heavy wheels when being serviced.

Lift Safe customised the Eco Lifts, providing one attachment for changing batteries and one for changing tyres, so that one lifter quickly and easily performs two different tasks. By supplying the Service with fast-change transposable attachments, the same lifter can effortlessly be used for both tasks.

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