• Standard lift height 1600mm
  • Duplex mast lift height 2500, 3000 & 3500
  • Extended lift height on request
  • Two SWL available 1200 & 1500kg
  • Free lift 200 mm (excluded lifting height mm. 3500)
  • Oscillating tandem front rollers
  • Fixed forks length mm. 1150 (Adjustable on request)
  • Manual attachments on request. Reel spike, parrot beak ETC
  • Powered attachment’s on request. Clamps, tipper ETC
  • Shock absorber on driving-wheel
  • Chromed plated hydraulic piston
  • Side wheels with extra-heavy castors
  • Built-in Electronic battery charger 24V 30A with microprocessor
  • Ignition key
  • Acoustic warning-button
  • Exhausted battery warning-indicator
  • Emergency stop button
  • Electromagnetic parking brake
  • Automatic speed reduction
  • Electric end stroke
  • AC three-phase technology traction motors 24V maintenance-free Electronic plant 24V
  • Controller with mosfet technology complete
  • Inverter and microprocessor fault research
  • Regenerative braking with consumption reduction
  • Temperature control of the traction motor
  • DR-EVO Steering with “turtle” function and anti-crash button
  • Forks control by hydraulic distributor
  • Hydraulic built-in leg lift system control by distributor
  • Battery options Traction 24v 160Ah, 24v 270Ah (Two batteries)
  • Battery options GEL 24v 160Ah, 24v 240Ah (Two batteries)
  • Swap out battery pack quote on request
  • Ignition key

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The lifter Lift Safe supplied is excellent, both operators of the laying machine have said its works perfectly and saves a lot of heavy lifting sometimes with 2 people, as you will see from the photos the roll needs to be lifted to almost head height so previously it was a struggle, however with your lifter the job is much easier and safer now.

Mike Greer. Manager. AMR Textiles