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    • Two mast heights can be combined with four different leg types.
    • Maximum SWL 300kg
    • 304 Stainless steel (Electro Polished)
    • All swivel castors. The rear castors have a central control bar that allows the castors to be all swivel or braked
    • Four leg types including straddle legs
    • Two speed wander lead remote control
    • Two standard mast heights
    • Maximum Standard Lift height 1650mm. Higher lift heights on request
    • Power 24v 18 Ah
    • Optional quick change battery pack
    • Supply 100 to 240v (External Charger)
    • Maintenance free batteries
    • EX Rating or ATEX compliant on request
    • Customised tooling on request
    • Optional attachment quick change system
    • Manufactured to EN standards
    • CE approved