Roll fast.  Stack high. 
Protect your furniture with the FurniBox

FurniBox makes furniture storage easier, safer and more productive. Thanks to its smooth rolling wheels, the FurniBox can be moved around a low-level warehouse quickly and with little effort. A single member of staff can manually move the FurniBox with a load of up to 1000 kg with ease. When stacked on top of each other, the FurniBox offers enormous reserve space for busy, high-volume periods. On the rack, it ensures quick access to the goods at any time. Easy to stack with a forklift truck, maximise the space in your warehouse with the FurniBox!

From the time the goods are received until they leave the warehouse: once it is securely placed on the FurniBox, direct contact with your furniture ceases in the warehouse. In this way, even the most sensitive items can be moved, stored and stacked in the warehouse safely and quickly and delivered in complete consignments – without any risk of damage.

The fact that the FurniBox can additionally be folded up without any problem after use makes it even more attractive.


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Loading and unloading in 5 minutes? No problem with the FurniBox

It couldn’t be any faster and easier. Without any need of reloading, your goods roll out of your warehouse on the Universal FurniBox directly into the truck and thus optimally protected to the customer. In this way, Universal FurniBox guarantees the rapid loading of trucks and safe shipment. By virtue of dimensions that are precisely geared to truck transport, the Universal FurniBoxes can be positioned exactly next to each other on the truck floor and secure each other in this way.

Heavy loads, uneven surfaces? No problem with the FurniBox

You can effortlessly transport loads of up to 800 kg with the Universal FurniBox, even on uneven surfaces. The stable frame structure of the Universal FurniBox and the high quality of its wheels make this possible. And so you can depend on your goods remaining undamaged when things get turbulent again, the Universal FurniBox is additionally equipped with solid impact protection.

 Low Level Warehouse

Storing furniture in an orderly and organized fashion and still being able to access it quickly is no longer an unfulfillable dream. The FurniBox creates space and order in low-level warehouses and additionally makes sure that things which belong together stay together. The FurniBox can be quickly and easily moved using any standard towing vehicle.

With the FurniBox your consignments remain complete from start to finish. Thanks to its smooth-running wheels, furthermore, the FurniBox guarantees speedy transport within your warehouse, no matter whether manually or with an electric towing vehicle. In this way, you can make full use of your warehouse space and at the same time maintain quick access even to goods in the remotest corner.

The fact that the FurniBox is available in three different sizes makes it the big favorite for every low-level warehouse

Block Store

Why is the most valuable part of your block store the air above the goods? Very simply: the FurniBox gives you the opportunity to double or even triple your storage capacity, without having to rent a single additional square metre. This is easy and very inexpensive. Simply stack the FurniBox with a conventional forklift two or three high and in this way make optimal use of the height of your warehouse. And the best thing about this system is that you can do without the aisles for seasonal and mass-produced articles by using the FurniBox and store even more goods in the same area.

The fact that the FurniBox protects your goods against damage even at dizzy heights makes it the favourite for your warehouse manager.

 High Rack Store

High, higher, highest! With the FurniBox you have direct and quick access to your goods, no matter how high they are in your high rack store. An especially practical feature here is that even pieces of furniture that stick out over the top edge can be kept in a FurniBox so that bulky items, too, can be stored well protected and available at any time. The fact that you can combine FurniBoxs of different sizes in your high rack store makes them the perfect all-around protection for all types of furniture.

The FurniBox is particularly well suited for the use of narrow-aisle forklifts, for which an aisle width of only 1,80 m is adequate. Furthermore, by means of an order picker, you can conveniently steer for the desired rack sites with an empty FurniBox, remove goods stored there individually and further transport them safe and sound.

Fully Automatic High-Bay

No matter how rapidly your warehouse will grow in the future, the FurniBox grows, too. Once purchased, it can be used for all types of warehouses. The FurniBox is perfect even for state-of-the-art computer-controlled high-bay warehouses: you can carry out up to 700 operations a day for incoming and outgoing items while keeping staff assignment low if you make use of the FurniBox concept in your high-bay warehouse.

Besides speed and efficiency, the FurniBox offers maximum protection for your goods, even at a height of 47 m. In this way, you minimize complaints, no matter how high you aim with your furniture.

The fact that automatic reloading is carried out safely, reliably and without any problem with the FurniBox makes it a must for every furniture high-bay warehouse.

 Mixed Warehouse

How often do you have to adapt the warehousing situation in your combination store flexibly to shifts in product lines and seasonal fluctuations? Large consignments come in, others must be moved out of the way or stored for a longer period for sale in the next season. These are situations, therefore, in which a great deal of labour is required to move the goods around and the risk of damage is high.

The FurniBox makes this work easier and safer for you. Thanks to its smooth-rolling wheels, the FurniBox can be moved around a low-level warehouse quickly and with little effort. A single member of the staff can manually move the FurniBox with a load of up to 1000 kg with ease. Stacked on top of one another, it offers enormous reserve space for busy, high-volume periods and on the rack, it ensures quick access to the goods at any time.

The fact that the FurniBox protects your goods as if they were in a safe, even in hectic situations, will delight your complaints department all the more.

The lifter Lift Safe supplied is excellent, both operators of the laying machine have said its works perfectly and saves a lot of heavy lifting sometimes with 2 people, as you will see from the photos the roll needs to be lifted to almost head height so previously it was a struggle, however with your lifter the job is much easier and safer now.

Mike Greer. Manager. AMR Textiles