620 Drum Racker


  • Two-Stage Frame with maximum racking height of 8.5 feet (2.59 m)
  • 68.25″ (174 cm) Turning Radius
  • SAFETY CONSCIOUS Drum Racker to eliminate dangerous bare fork drum handling
  • Rack a RIMMED 55-gallon (210 Litre) steel or plastic drums side-by-side with virtually zero clearance
  • Rack a drum in HORIZONTAL position
  • Rack drum with faucet in place
  • Has powered drum lift and tilt control

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The material handling solution for safe, efficient drum racking. This modern material handling equipment includes powered lift and tilt. Lift a drum, tilt it to horizontal and set it into your drum rack. A safety conscious, efficient 55-gallon drum rack storage system. Eliminate unsafe “bare fork” drum handling. Place and retrieve a drum up to 8.5 feet (2.59 m) high

The lifter Lift Safe supplied is excellent, both operators of the laying machine have said its works perfectly and saves a lot of heavy lifting sometimes with 2 people, as you will see from the photos the roll needs to be lifted to almost head height so previously it was a struggle, however with your lifter the job is much easier and safer now.

Mike Greer. Manager. AMR Textiles