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Discovery Reel Truck

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    SWL 1000kg – 20000kg

    • Chromed hydraulic piston
    • Tandem or single fork rollers
    • Side wheels with extra-heavy castors
    • Proof-seal bearings with pins with self-lubricating sintered bushings)
    • Shock absorber on driving-wheel
    • Electronic HIGH FREQUENCY battery charger 24V 20A with microprocessor
    • Ignition key
    • Protection fuse
    • Emergency stop button
    • Acoustic warning-button
    • Low battery warning-indicator
    • Electric end stroke
    • Electromagnetic parking brake
    • AC three-phase technology traction motors 24V maintenance-free
    • Electronic plant 24V
    • Controller with mosfet technology complete with inverter and microprocessor fault research
    • Regenerative braking with consumption reduction and temperature control of the traction motor
    • DR-EVO Steering with “turtle” function and anti-crash button
    • Forks control by push-buttons