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CP LIGHT EVO 030/1550

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    • Adjustable forks 800mm long SWL 300kg
    • O/A Dimensions H 1990mm W: 880mm D; 1280mm
    • Lift height 2050mm to top of drum
    • Optional on request: Drum tipper or reel spike max SWL 250kg
    • Optional multi drum gripper
    • Shock absorber on driving-wheel
    • High frequency battery charger 24V 20A with microprocessor • Ignition key
    • Emergency stop button
    • Acoustic warning-button
    • Low battery power warning-indicator
    • Electromagnetic parking brake
    • High-frequency electronic plant 24V with braking in release contra flow
    • Diagnostic LEDs for speed trouble shooting
    • DR-EVO Steering with “turtle” function and anti-crash button
    • Lift control by push-buttons optional fine lever control
    • EX Rating or ATEX compliant on request
    • Customised tooling made to suit application

    Battery Options

    1. Traction Batteries 24v 130Ah
    2. 2 x Tubular Batteries 12v 155Ah
    3. 2 x Gel Sealed Batteries 12 120Ah