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01B5SE Electro-hydraulic Counterbalanced Lifting Crane

01B5SE Electro-hydraulic Lifting Crane01B5SE Electro-hydraulic Lifting Crane 01B5SE Electro-hydraulic Lifting Crane 01b5se Electric Power Driven Counterbalanced Crane

Technical Data

  • Weight – 660 kg
  • Max Capacity – 500 kg
  • Max Pressure – 150 BAR
  • Power – 300 W
  • Tank Capacity – 2 ltr

01B5SE Electro-hydraulic Lifting Crane is a heavy-duty, extremely versatile counterbalanced workshop crane (built-in ballast weights), with a 360° pivoting arm, suitable for lifting loads up to 500 kg.

Fitted with traction battery and battery charger. Equipped with a 4-function hydraulic distributor that allows for adjustable and smooth jib lifting, lowering, extension and retraction. In case of fragile loads or awkward placements, lowering speed can be reduced through a knob.

Lifting system is fitted with a security valve that prevents overloading and eliminates the risk of machine overturning in every position of its 360° rotation.

Optional jib extension increased the crane max reach to 1330 mm (at 160 kg capacity).

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