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TM Lifting Platform

TM Lifting Platform TM Lifting Platform TM Lifting Platform

Standard Equipment

  • Parking brake
  • Pins assembled on sintered bushings
  • Chromed oleodynamic piston
  • Polyamide wheels with polyurethane covering
  • Lifting with double effect manual pump
  • Manual traction through push
  • Handle

TM can be a valid ally in the different manufacturing phases given that it combines the liftable table characteristics with the possibility of being moved easily just by pushing it from the corresponding handle, ensuring safe and accurate displacements.

There is a large number of customisation possibilities, from the table measurements to the lifting capacity, up to the installation of specific accessories: table with rollers to facilitate the sliding of goods on the platform, boards to hold loads so as to execute movements under total safety conditions, rotating or connection tables for direct passage from the machines to the platform with minimum human input; efficiency and reduction of work times in total safety conditions at all times.

The safety of operators is the main requirement when designing machines; structural calculations and simulation programmes lead to the creation of highly resistant frames in order to ensure maximum safety even with full load.

The complete safety equipment includes a parking brake and an ergonomic push handle.