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ALFA M Manual Stacker

ALFA M Manual StackerALFA M Manual StackerALFA M Manual StackerALFA M Manual Stacker

Standard Equipment

  • Manual traction
  • Lifting with fast manual pump
  • Descent by lever
  • Parking brake
  • Polyurethane rollers

The current regulations in terms of health & safety at the workplace impose very strict limits on the manual movement of loads by the operator; therefore, the ALFA M manual stacker represents the simplest and most economical solution in order to move medium-light loads in compliance with the current regulations.

This manual stacker is operated with a hand pump, which gives the operator greater control over the load which the stacker is moving. A quick descent control is located in the handle of the hand pump (similar to a pallet truck), the ALFA M is easy to control and maneuver, with and without a load.

The ALFA M has manually adjustable forks on a fork holder plate, which can be adjusted by the operator with ease. This makes the ALFA M manual stacker perfect for a wide variety of applications.

It comes as standard with built in safety equipment including; crush resistance fairing on the wheels, parking brake and mast mesh guards.