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Delta TRX Electric Stacker

Delta TRX Electric StackerDelta TRX Electric StackerDelta TRX Electric StackerDelta TRX Electric Stacker

Standard Equipment

  • 24V 30A electronic battery charger with microprocessor
  • Traction Battery 24V from 240 Ah
  • AC three-phase technology traction motors 24V maintenance-free
  • Electronic plant 24V
  • Controller with mosfet technology complete with inverter and microprocessor fault research
  • Regenerative braking with consumption reduction and temperature control of the traction motor
  • Electromagnetic parking brake
  • Automatic speed reduction
  • Acoustic warning button
  • Exhausted battery warning indicator

DELTA TRX / DELTA TRXFL is the most effective answer to the requirements of storing and lifting goods placed at great heights from the ground; the specific structure and materials used ensure excellent performance and total safety when regularly moving loads, even at elevated heights.

Thanks to the special triplex mast with three lifting stages – despite its reduced dimensions – it is possible to reach the highest shelves in total structural stability and safety conditions at all times.

The double lateral lifting pistons ensure perfect visibility of the forks and an easy hold of the pallet.

Thanks to the innovative DR EVO driving system, the operator can benefit from maximum drive-ability, manoeuvrability and safety ensured by the new steering arm that has been entirely designed by ARMANNI R&D team, and which integrates the new “turtle” function and the two-speed ascent/descent control system.

The structure with 5 contact points flanked by the specific damper system ensures the perfect grip between the driving wheel and the floor, even when there is unevenness or extreme ruggedness.