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Delta CP AC Counterbalance Stacker

Counterbalance StackerCounterbalance StackerCounterbalance StackerCounterbalance Stacker

Standard Equipment

  • Armoured 24V 270Ah battery
  • Electronic 24V 60A battery charger with microprocessor
  • AC three-phase technology traction motors 24V maintenance-free
  • Electronic plant 24V
  • Controller with mosfet technology complete with inverter and microprocessor fault research
  • Electromagnetic brake
  • Automatic speed reduction
  • Digital Hour meter
  • Beeper
  • Low battery warning
  • Electric limit switch

The equipment provided with adjustable forged forks allows the forking of pallets and/or containers of non-standard sizes also from the “closed” side. The standard supply with FEM fork – holder plate ensures easy application of clamps and hydraulic equipment with the ability to provide the truck with many additional hydraulic ways.

The lack of support legs on the ground allows approaching to the load up to the shoulder of the fork without the bottom frame of the truck negatively interacts with the load seat thus allowing the comprehensive approach also in the presence of obstacles on the ground.

The structure provided with a counterweight ensures maximum stability also thanks to the standard swiveling upright which keeps the load always in the correct position; the particular frame and the specific distribution of the counterweights system help ensuring good residual capacities.

The equipment with steering power-assisted gear provides the Operator to maneuver safely and without any effort even under full load; the AC drive technology ensures maximum responsiveness, very good sprint at the start-up, good performance on slopes and high safety when braking.

The equipment of the armored 24V batteries with capacities up to 270Ah ensures a high degree of autonomy in case of intensive use; the integrated battery charger allows recharging the battery by connecting it directly to the mains at 220V.

The safety of operators is the main requirement when designing machines; structural calculations and simulation programs lead to the creation of highly resistant frames in order to ensure maximum safety even with full load.