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GZ1000BP Crane with fixed arm, hand pump

GZ1000BP Crane with fixed arm, hand pump GZ1000BP Counterbalance Crane

Technical Data

  • Max Capacity – 1000 kg
  • Max Height – 3119 mm

The GZ1000BP is a ballasted cantilever crane that can lift loads up to 1000 kg.

It is equipped with 2 fixed wheels Ø 250mm and 2 steering wheels Ø 200mm to allow extreme maneuverability even at full load. It allows to take the material located on the ground, on shelves or in containers and to move it directly on the machine tools or in other desired positions.

The lifting arm is extensible in 4 positions.

The hydraulic system is equipped with a blocking valve that prevents the load from falling if the pipe is accidentally broken.
The pump is equipped with a relief valve that prevents overloading of the machine.