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Atlas Counterbalance Lifting Crane

Atlas Counterbalance Lifting Crane 01M5 Manual Lifting Counterbalanced Crane

Technical Data

  • Weight – 1250 kg
  • Max Capacity – 1000 kg
  • Max Pressure – 95 BAR
  • Tank Capacity – 3 ltr

This is a heavy duty motor drive power boom counterbalanced crane that allows the lifting of loads up to 1000 kg. It is equipped with two fixed-wheel and motor wheel on the driver’s side. Easy to handle and move. Ideal for placements over any obstruction/barrier, on 3 D machines, lathes, narrow openings, assembly lines, etc.

Equipped with a 4-function distributor for:

-arm lifting
-arm lowering
-boom extension
-boom retraction

Controlled by a built-in lever. Lowering occurs in off-mode.

-Standard battery 24V 120Ah
-Motor wheel WR151ECO, asynchronous three-phase AC AM144D 24V 2 KW
-Electric control activation 4QHF2D 24V 140°
-Safety-enhancing emergency reverse function, electromagnetic disc brake with an automatic dead-man feature that activates when the user releases the handle
-Busser 24V intermittent sound when crane is in operation
-high frequency monophasic battery charger 220V, outlet tension 24V/12A and battery level gauge
-RBC remote controller of battery charge
-Emergency stop button BDS 150A