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01M5 Manual Lifting Crane

01M5 Manual Lifting Counterbalanced Crane01M5 Manual Lifting Counterbalanced Crane 01M5 Manual Lifting Counterbalanced Crane 01M5 Manual Lifting Counterbalanced Crane

Technical Data

  • Weight – 608 kg
  • Max Capacity – 500 kg
  • Max Pressure – 160 BAR
  • Tank Capacity – 1 ltr

01M5 Manual Lifting Crane is an extremely versatile, easy to operate crane.

Suitable for lifting loads of various shapes and dimensions from the ground to machines, assembly lines and anywhere needed. Ideal to place moulds, spare parts and various products on machine tools with perimeter protections or narrow openings (presses, lathes, milling machines)

01M5 Manual Lifting Crane comes with a revolving jib extendible in 4 positions. Lowering is activated by turning a built-in knob which is mounted directly on the cylinder.

The pump is equipped with a pressure relief valve that prevents operating above maximum capacity. Extension jib is also available on demand to increase outreach up to 1360 mm.