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01B2SE Electro-hydraulic rotating crane

01B2SE Electro-hydraulic rotating crane

Technical Data

  • Max Capacity – 2500 kg
  • Max Height – 2800 mm

Very agile thanks to the 360 ° rotation and frontal encumbrance of only 995 mm, they are equipped with traction battery and battery charger.

To the movement of the joystick lever in the positions of the rising arm, extension feed and descent, the microswitches automatically activate the hydraulic unit motor that allows high precision movements; the descent is due to a controlled fall and safety devices with the engine off.

The models 01B2SE and 01B5SE are also equipped with a handwheel which allows adjusting the descent speed when fragile loads must be moved or when the housings are delicate. The extension accessory engages directly inside the primary extension and allows to increase the maximum overhang up to 1330 mm.