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Clean Room Stackers & Lifting Equipment

Lift Safe develops, designs, and produces custom, purpose built ergonomic lift equipment. Our primary focus is designing and producing lifters for cleanroom and other ‘clean’ environments where hygiene and optimum ergonomic efficiency are of primary importance.

All of our lifters are of course produced in 304 stainless steel and have a hygienic design. Also available in 316 stainless steel.

Our extensive experience with designing and building customised lift equipment for clean room applications allows us to quickly offer solutions to our clients. We can offer an efficient, optimised, cost effective lifter for many applications.

Through the years, we have helped customers worldwide in the pharmaceutical and related industries by providing more efficient and ‘cleaner’ handling of drums, film rolls, containers etc. The major, global, pharmaceutical companies are among the many satisfied customers.

Ultra Clean Room Lifter
0-40kg Capacity
clean room lifter ultra

Mini Clean Room Lifter
0-60kg Capacity
clean room lifter mini

Midi Clean Room Lifter
40-80kg Capacity
clean room lifter midi

Maxi Clean Room Lifter
80-300kg Capacity
clean room lifter

Ultra Clean Room Lifter
The Ultra is the most compact and maneuverable lifter in our product range. developed to handle smaller, lighter items, the Ultra shines where space and speed are crucial.

Mini Clean Room Lifter
Our new model MINI is a compact lifter, perfect for small and narrow areas. Mini is built in stainless steel with a hygienic design. It can be supplied with several different accessories for the handling of rolls, drums, boxes etc.

Midi Clean Room Lifter
The MIDI is a very versatile lifter and handles the widest range of applications. It is relatively compact and easy to move around despite its high lifting capacity. The hygienic design and wide range of available accessories make the MIDI a versatile piece of equipment.

Maxi Clean Room Lifter
The Maxi is the most heavy duty lift trolley with a high lift capacity and a wide range of accessories. As with our other models, the MAXI can be fully customized specific needs.