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Nestlé, a household name associated with delectable chocolates and confectionery, holds a special place in the hearts of sweet-toothed individuals worldwide. Research has shown that 59% of British people regard chocolate as a crucial item on their weekly shopping lists, with 46% admitting to consuming chocolate daily. When questioned about their weekly chocolate spend, respondents stated that on average they spend around £5.50 a week on chocolate (£286 a year).

The Nestlé brand has secured many prominent spots on the shelves of supermarkets and is in the forefront of many customers minds. From the creamy richness of KitKat to the timeless elegance of Aero, Nestlé’s offerings have captivated taste buds and inspired cravings for generations. In a recent announcement, Nestlé have revealed its decision to discontinue two beloved biscuit bars, Breakaway and Yorkie, to make way for a new product. The decision comes following a decline in sales of the two biscuit bars, signalling a shift in consumer preferences and market dynamics.

Here at Lift Safe in collaboration with our SEO company, we have created this report. Ranking the UK’s favourite Nestlé chocolate and confectionery products. While the news of Breakaway and Yorkie may come as a disappointment to fans, Nestlé remains committed to innovation and ensuring its product lineup reflects evolving consumer tastes. In this report we rank well known Nestlé chocolate and confectionery based on average search volume, shedding light on the nation’s sweet preferences.

Top Ranked Nestlé Chocolate & Confectionery By Average Search Volume

1.      Quality Street (33,100)

Known for its assortment of rich chocolates and creamy fillings since 1936 Quality Street have always been there for the nation. With the popular Purple One having 2,400 searches on average a month in the UK. Quality Street secures the top spot in the ranking with an impressive 33,100 searches a month in the UK. From indulgent caramel to smooth hazelnut praline, Quality Street offers a variety of flavours to satisfy every sweet craving, making it a perennial favourite.

2.      Munchies (27,100)

Launched in 1957, Munchies, offer an irresistible combination of crunchy biscuit and chewy caramel, capturing the hearts of chocolate lovers with its delightful texture and indulgent flavour. Whether enjoyed as a quick snack as the classic tube of chocolate or shared among friends in the share bags. Munchies’ unique blend of sweetness and crunch makes it a standout choice in the confectionery aisle with 27,100 searches a month.

3.      KitKat (22,200)

Undoubtedly a staple in the UK’s confectionery landscape, KitKat reigns supreme as a beloved treat for all ages. Originally called the ‘Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp’ in 1935, the KitKat is eaten more than 1 billion times a year in the UK. With York being the home of KitKat, with around 4.5 million bars made every day. KitKat’s iconic blend of crispy wafer layers enveloped in smooth milk chocolate has cemented its status as a beloved classic. With its distinctive snap and satisfying crunch, KitKat offers a timeless indulgence for those seeking a “break” in their day or night.

4.      Smarties (14,800)

Smarties’ vibrant, fun 8 colours, red, orange, blue, green, yellow, pink, violet and brown alongside their irresistible chocolatey goodness evoke feelings of nostalgia and joy with every bite. Unlocking childhood memories in many, of shaking the smartie tube or organising the colours by your preference, this beloved chocolate has been around since 1937. Whether savoured one by one or enjoyed by the handful, these iconic sugar-coated chocolates with their crunchy shell and smooth milk chocolate centre offer a playful and satisfying treat for all ages.

5.      Yorkie (14,800)

Launching in 1976 and then creating the controversial £3m advertising campaign in 2001 of ‘It’s not for girls’, this bold, rugged, and unapologetically indulgent, Yorkie stands as a testament. With a notion of bigger is indeed better this chunky chocolate bar has been through a journey of its own. With its robust flavour and satisfyingly chunky texture, Yorkie offers a substantial indulgence for chocolate enthusiasts craving a hearty treat. With 14,800 searches a month, the Yorkie is still very popular across the UK. Whether enjoyed as a hearty snack during outdoor adventures or savoured as a guilty pleasure during a cosy night in, Yorkie remains a favourite among chocolate enthusiasts seeking a substantial indulgence.

6.      Aero (9,900)

Over 8 million people buy Aero’s unique bubbly texture and melt-in-your-mouth sensation a year. Setting it apart as a delightful choice for chocolate lovers. Available in a variety of flavours, including classic milk chocolate which was initially launched in 1935. Then followed by mint Aero, which was launched in 1959, initially in the Midlands, before the rest of the UK later in the year. Then finally in 1960 Aero orange was created, offering the light and airy indulgence that has captivated the nation.

7.      Lionbar (8,100)

Next with 91,500 searches in 2023, Lionbar comes in at position 7 with the strapline “Crunch it, chew it. When you feel like a great big bite”. Combing crispy cereal, chewy caramel, and smooth milk chocolate. Providing a satisfyingly indulgent experience for those seeking a flavourful treat with a hint of crunch. Its distinctive taste and texture make it a standout choice among Nestlé’s confectionery offerings.

8.      Rolo (8,100)

Famously known for its tagline “do you love anyone enough to give them your last Rolo?” which was first coined in 1980. Rolo is the perfect combination of creamy caramel centre encased in smooth milk chocolate offering a timeless indulgence that delights the taste buds with its rich flavour and satisfying sweetness. Whether enjoyed as a quick snack in their tube form or out of a share bag with friends or family, Rolo provides a moment of pure indulgence for chocolate enthusiasts.

9.      Milkybar (5,400)

With 69,700 searches in 2023, Milkybar’s creamy white chocolate comes in at position 9. Launched in 1936, Milkybar is Nestlé Confectionery’s 11th oldest brand. The well-known Milkybar kid first played by Terry Brooks, first appeared in 1961, with many taking his place over the years. The most recent being played by William Ray. Milkybar offers a smooth and velvety indulgence for those seeking a sweet treat with a twist. Known for its irresistible sweetness and creamy texture, Milkybar appeals to chocolate lovers of all ages with its distinctive flavour. Each year Nestlé sell over 1.9 billion Milkybar Buttons in the UK. That’s enough for every man, woman, and child in the UK to have 30 Buttons each!

10.  Toffee Crisp (5,400)

Finally at position 10 is Toffee Crisp a delicious combination of chewy toffee, crispy rice, and smooth milk chocolate. Creating a satisfyingly indulgent experience for those craving a sweet and crunchy treat. Its distinctive blend of flavours and textures makes Toffee Crisp a beloved choice among Nestlé confectionery offerings.

Top 10 Nestlé Chocolate & Confectionery

Ranking Nestlé Avg. monthly searches Total searches in 2023
1 Quality Street 33100 413200
2 Munchies 27100 332300
3 Kitkat 22200 281100
4 Smarties 14800 197400
5 Yorkie 14800 166800
6 Aero 9900 112000
7 Lionbar 8100 91500
8 Rolo 8100 91500
9 Milkybar 5400 69700
10 Toffee Crisp 5400 63000

Other brands of Chocolate & Confectionery Ranked

Ranked Other brands Avg. monthly searches Total searches in 2023
1 Mars 60500 722000
2 Boost 40500 490800
3 Quality Street 33100 413200
4 Munchies 27100 332300
5 Fudge 22200 277300
6 Kitkat 22200 281100
7 Snickers 22200 277000
8 Smarties 14800 194100
9 Yorkie 14800 169500
10 Bounty 12100 159200
11 Curly Wurly 12100 144500
12 Flake 12100 134200
13 Twix 12100 139100
14 Aero 9900 109800
15 Crunchie 8100 91500
16 Double Decker 8100 90800
17 Lionbar 8100 93000
18 Rolo 8100 91500
19 Milkybar 5400 69700
20 Toffee Crisp 5400 66700


Firstly, we sourced the list of Nestlé chocolate and confectionary from their website. We then used Google Search Data to establish the average monthly search volume for the different options in 2023. These were then ranked high to low. For any that had the same average monthly search we totalled the searches across the year 2023 and chose the highest for that position.

Manual Handling For The Food & Drink Industry

In the ever-evolving landscape of the UK’s confectionery preferences, Nestlé continues to hold a place of distinction with its iconic chocolate and confectionary. From the classic allure of KitKat to the playful charm of Smarties. Nestlé offers a diverse range of tastes and preferences, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy. As we’ve explored the rankings based on average search volume, it’s clear that Nestlé is still a strong favourite in many households, holding a special place in the hearts of consumers across the UK. Evoking feelings of nostalgia, joy, and indulgence with every bite.

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With a commitment to safety, efficiency, and ergonomic design, Lift Safe has partnered with Nestlé to address the challenges associated with manual material handling in their food and drink production processes. To find out more about contact us today.

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