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Food, pharmaceutical and ATEX compliant lifting applications

Lift Safe has the UK’s widest range of Stainless Steel IP rated and ATEX compliant rated standard lifters, stackers, and scissor tables.

We also manufacture bespoke solutions for unusual applications. Please contact Lift Safe for a no-obligation quote or to arrange a free on-site lifting analysis.

  • Capacities up to 12,000 Kg
  • Manual, semi electric and fully powered lifters and counterbalance lifting equipment
  • Lift Safe have a range of counterbalance lifters, stackers and cranes
  • No obligation free onsite lifting analysis

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  • ATEXLifting Applications

  • ATEXLifting Applications

  • ATEXLifting Applications

  • ATEXLifting Applications

  • ATEXLifting Applications

We offer a wide variety of manual and fully powered lifting equipment, as well as a full range of manual and powered lifting attachments to suit your application.

Food, Pharmaceutical and ATEX Lifting Applications

The majority of Lift Safe’s lifters, stackers, counterbalance cranes and scissor tables are available in zones 1, 2, 21, and 22 ATEX categories. We also offer a range of IP rated equipment.

Food, Pharmaceutical & ATEX Lifting Applications

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